Tuesday, May 24, 2011

June Shows

We haven't played a show in Chicago since March and haven't played since mid-April on account of our drummer Ian being on a super sweet tour opening for Kawabata Makoto & Pikacyu.  Now that he's back, we'll be playing a lot this Summer until our final two shows in mid-August.  That's right, the death of Birth is nigh as Josh has finally saved up enough to become a full time latrine examiner and Michael is moving out west to pursue a doctorate in bullshit.  So as Birth says its final fuck you to Chicago it's finally safe to return to the usual limp-dick garage rock, early aughties indie leftovers, people from fucking Iowa or Nebraska, and mall-level psychedelia in the Second City.

Local Shows in Chicago
June 7th Mortville w/Harco,Geffika
June 22nd Waterworks w/Milk Music,Population, Socially Retarded
June 29th  Panchos w/White Suns, Lechugillas