Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Double Reggae Tour
June 30th - Madison, WI - Madison Project Lodge w/ White Suns
July 1st - St. Louis, MO -  Apop Records  - w/Shaved Women,Autonomy
July 2nd - Carbondale, IL - w/ Shaved Women
July 3rd - Columbus, OH - Bat Chapters
July 4th - Cleveland - Now Thats Class
July 5th - Pittsburgh, PA -  Gooski's w/ Microwaves & Free Clinic

5 songs recorded earlier this month at Reuben's Palace featuring blistering guitar shredding by guest musician Todd Rittman of Dead Rider & U.S. Maple and some percussion from James Lechocki of Great Society Mind Destroyers.  It's limited to 40, so be sure to pick one up at a show near you.  They look like this

Saturday, June 25, 2011

One of the Best things in Chicago apparently.

True to form in a world in which the commodity form has colonized all of lived human experience, the Chicago Reader has dubbed Birth and our friends Den as the two bands in the city that have the "best band-on-band synergy".  While we typically leave the biz speak terms such as "synergy" and "co-branding" to the jobbers pimping their wares to the horny and strung-out, we here at Birth/Den Inc, LLC are thrilled to have received a nod from the Reader.  Long live the free market or whatever.