Saturday, October 8, 2011

...and some final reviews.

Review of the last show back in August with the Men
"...Birth kind of stole the show by reigning in their sound and then also destroying all of their equipment on stage in a final, defining act for their band."

from loudlooppress:
Birth sound exactly like a loud band from Chicago, and I mean that as the highest form of complement–this trio would be right at home on a bill with Shellac or Jesus Lizard. However, come next week, Birth will be playing even fewer shows than either of the other two aforementioned bands. After this show on Friday, Birth pack it in and their singer/bassist moves to LA for the most LA of reasons (a PhD in Sociology), and then you’ll have missed your chance to have your brain rocked to sufficient levels. So make your way to Water Works and watch the triumphant death of a band that you should have been loving all along, and in five or ten years when all the new post-hardcore bands cite Birth as their number one influence, you can say you were there. (Andy Kondrat).