Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pretty removed from Chicago

Built On a Weak Spot Review of the Birth LP
"I know often times Chicago casts a bit of a generalization of what the music is going to sound like, but I will stop you right there and let it be known that Birth are pretty far removed from most of that. This is a simplistic bash of noise-rock that has far more to do with bands like BrainbombsThe New Flesh, etc. A song like “Mineral Rights” even kind of resembles the Melvins to some degree. Filthy, bluesy, and a bit sludgy…the record mixes it up fairly nicely while being played in a loose punk smashed to shit sort of way. It’s backed up convincingly by vocals that hop back and forth between a strung out drug addled howl to indecipherable short yelps."

Rustbelt Weekend Notes

1) "If you can get laid while wearing cargo shorts, you've got mad game"
2) Sometimes you have to flood the engine to start
3) If a yinzer in Pittsburgh talks to you about the drum talents of Bill Bruford, he might like your band.
4) Sros Lords
5) Why is there not a Spak Bros equivalent in Chicago?
6) Birth does not fit on a black metal show

Though previously opposed to skull tshirts...

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