Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pretty removed from Chicago

Built On a Weak Spot Review of the Birth LP
"I know often times Chicago casts a bit of a generalization of what the music is going to sound like, but I will stop you right there and let it be known that Birth are pretty far removed from most of that. This is a simplistic bash of noise-rock that has far more to do with bands like BrainbombsThe New Flesh, etc. A song like “Mineral Rights” even kind of resembles the Melvins to some degree. Filthy, bluesy, and a bit sludgy…the record mixes it up fairly nicely while being played in a loose punk smashed to shit sort of way. It’s backed up convincingly by vocals that hop back and forth between a strung out drug addled howl to indecipherable short yelps."

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